Blu Arctic has been providing Procurement Services for seafood inventories for more than 10 years. Blu Arctic’s offices are in the United States and Canada. We have bought seafood from more than 40 countries. Our team has more than 80 years seafood and finance experience. Blu Arctic and its management is backed by private, institutional investors. As far as we know, we are the only Procurement Company fully dedicated to the seafood and fishing industry. Blu Arctic is a MSC Chain of Custody Certified Company.


We team up with companies from the seafood industry and provide Inventory Procurement Services to them. Blu Arctic takes temporary ownership of the seafood during transport and storage worldwide. Our Program structures are tailored to our Procurement Partners’ needs, the supply chain and countries involved.


Program for an Eastern Asian seafood trading company to bridge their peak season inventory purchases.

Program for integrated U.S. fishing and processing company to increase their inventory holding capacity.

Program for multi-tiered, regional U.S. distribution company to increase their frozen fish selling capacity.

Program for North American seafood processing and distribution company to increase their inventory storage capacities in China.

Programs for various European distribution companies to increase their seafood offerings.

Program for a Latin American seafood company to support exports to Europe and Asia

Program to acquire seafood inventories aboard vessels and in warehouses for a Procurement Partner in context with a quota purchase.

Program for North American shellfish purchases, helping our Procurement Partner to manage seasonal needs.

Global Import Procurement Program for one of the largest North American seafood companies.

Program for various U.S. distributors to support imports of fish and bait from Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Programs for various seafood processors in a number of European countries to import a large variety of seafood from around the world.

Program for a North American distributor to purchase and store live lobsters.

Programs for a number of North American groundfish and shellfish processors to increase their inventory capacities.

Program for a multi-national seafood company to optimize their export/customs procedures in various emerging markets.

How Do Our Programs Help You?

Our tailored, flexible solutions help processors, distributors, exporters and importers

To manage the following challenges:

Blu Arctic uses its own capital to facilitate purchases

Bridge for seasonal peaks

Support your growth

Blu Arctic holds inventories in many parts of the world for you

Procure seafood for you in an environment of long supply chains and continuously changing prices

Help to manage your balance sheet

Optimize issues around customs, supply chain complexity and warehousing

Flexible, tailor-made structures and day-to day procedures

The Blu Arctic team has been involved in the seafood world for a long time and understands the specific challenges of the industry.


The Team

Thomas J. Leissl

Founder/CEO & COO

More than 30 years of trade finance, supply chain finance, leveraged finance and private equity experience. Has been in seafood Inventory Procurement since 2006.

Ớlafur Thorsteinsson

Chief Marketing Officer and Seafood Expert

More than 20 years of international trade, banking and trade finance experience. He has spent most of his career in the seafood industry.

Susan O’Byrne

Finance Director

Twenty years of experience in finance and marketing. She has worked in consulting, consumer products and finance.

Sandy Kim

Procurement Manager

Over 15 years experience in marketing and operations, including export/import. Worked in consumer products and services companies.

Sarah Cotton

Procurement Manager

Over 5 years of experience in finance and operations. Worked in equipment and real estate leasing.

Sue Kettig

Procurement Manager

Twenty years of experience in human resources and administration. She has worked in consulting, consumer products and financial services companies.


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